Contactless neonatal ECG

Capacitive sensors present an attractive option for monitoring neonatal ECG and respiration in an unobtrusive manner. This type of contactless sensor can be embedded in a support system or even a garment worn by the neonate. This will improve comfort aiding better recovery as well as avoiding the scars caused by adhesive electrodes.

Within the E-NEMO* (Embedded Neonatal Monitoring) consortium, consisting of Philips Research, Eindhoven University of Technology, Maxima Medisch Centrum, Applied Micro Electronics, and Royal Health Foam, a smart ECG mattress with integrated capacitive sensors has been developed. This mattress enables neonatal ECG monitoring without skin contact.

This mattress has been tested in the NICU of the MMC and the results are very encouraging.

In this demo you have the chance to see a real-life ECG measured with the smart mattress on an adult.

* E-NEMO is funded by Agentschap NL.