Advances in Perinatal Monitoring

Thanks to all the speakers, demonstrations, sponsors and of course visitors, the Symposium on Advances in perinatal monitoring turned out to be a great succes. These pictures give an impression of the ambiance at the symposium.

Perinatology is the medical field that is concerned with the health of mother and child before, during and after birth. Recent decades have seen important advances in perinatal monitoring technology, aimed e.g. at early detection of fetal asphyxia and impending premature birth, assessing fetal condition during delivery, assessing neonatal cerebral autoregulation status, and improving neonatal comfort. This symposium provides a survey of the state of the art and trends in this field, both from a technological and from a clinical perspective. The symposium serves also to honor Prof. Sabine Van Huffel, one of the leading specialists in perinatal monitoring, on the occasion of the award of her honorary doctorate by Eindhoven University of Technology.

Surrounding the symposium there will be an exhibition with scientific posters and real-life demonstrations (e.g. a smart neonatal mattress and jacket, serious obstetric game, electrophysiological pregnancy monitoring).



The symposium on Advances in Perinatal Monitoring is made possible by: