Abdominal EHG & FECG

Nemo Healthcare

Shaping the future of fetal monitoring


Nemo Healthcare BV was founded in 2010, as a result from the scientific co-operation between Eindhoven University of Technology and Máxima Medical Center (Veldhoven, the Netherlands). Nemo Healthcare is dedicated to improving fetal monitoring in a safe and patient-friendly manner. The pregnant woman and her child are our number one priority.


Fetal monitoring relies on sensors to measure uterine activity and fetal heart rate. The quality and safety of the existing sensors are under discussion worldwide. Nemo Healthcare’s PUREtrace™ provides a safe and patient-friendly alternative for measuring uterine activity, without the need of changing the existing fetal monitoring infrastructure.

Fetal ECG

Nemo Healthcare is currently developing a new innovative product for simultaneously measuring uterine activity and fetal heart rate in a non-invasive and patient-friendly way. The final product shall consist of a multi surface-electrode patch, to be placed on the abdomen of the pregnant woman, and a FECG module which transmits its data wirelessly to a wide range of fetal monitors. During the symposium you will have the opportunity to observe a first phase (feasibility) prototype and see a small illustration of the capabilities of the device. Furthermore, information will be provided with respect to future developments and possibilities.