Active Comforting in Neonatology

One of the design and research focuses at Industrial Design TU/e is to create an “actively adaptable comforting patient support system” whilst preserving the comfortable embedding of the ECG sensors developed by Philips Research & partners. This actively adaptable comforting system consists of creating a smart mattress that changes shape according to different positions in which a baby lies. This can lead to sustaining a correct positioning and continuous comforting of the baby and prevents a body deformation and incorrect posture in later age of the baby.

This design and research is a part of the the E-NEMO* (Embedded Neonatal Monitoring) consortium, consisting of Philips Research, Eindhoven University of Technology, Maxima Medical Centrum, Applied Micro Electronics and Royal Health Foam.

* E-NEMO is funded by Agentschap NL.